ANA BEKOACH – Powerful Jewish Prayer

Why ANA BEKOACH – Jewish Prayer is good songs for positive thinking?

The Ana Becoaj is considered one of the most powerful prayers in Judaism and the Kabbalah. It is recommended to meditate upon waking up and before going to sleep.

It serves as a great protection so it is good to meditate on it before leaving home. Think positive things and be aware of what you want to change while you meditate on it.

Knew as the “Kabbalist prayer”, or the “Genesis (Bereshit) prayer”. Ana Bekoach is a powerful prayer with the 42 letter name of God.

Please meditate on it with great respect!

Pass on the hope and share this Prayer with your loved one today!

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Bless them, cleanse them, pity them; ever grant them thy truth; Wednesday

God is called to bless the people, to have mercy on them, and to show them a degree of justice and righteousness, and to repay them with goodness and bounty.

The power of perseverance and overcoming.

This combination gives us the strength to persevere, despite the illusion that we are standing still. As we grow and develop – the challenges also grow and sometimes it seems to us that we are “not progressing”, this combination gives us the strength to persevere and continue our path, remembering that the “low” point we face today is the “highest” point on the previous scale we climbed.

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