10 Strategies to
Help Your Child
Quit Drugs and Alcohol
Communicate openly and honestly
Set clear boundaries and consequences
Encourage your child to participate in healthy activities
Get to know your child’s friends
Make sure your child knows where to go for help
Seek professional help
Educate yourself about addiction and recovery
Create a support network of friends and family
Be patient and understanding
Healthy Lifestyle

It is important to keep in mind that addiction is a complex issue and every child is unique. With that said, seeking professional help from a doctor, therapist or addiction specialist is highly recommended. The road to recovery may be challenging but with a comprehensive treatment plan and support system, your child can overcome addiction.

New Beginnings: A Fresh Start for Recovery

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Overcoming Addiction at a Resort
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From Addiction to a New Beginning:
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Discovering a Path to Recovery:
The Benefits of Healing in Luxury

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“This program really changed my life for the better! I’m now a year sober! The staff are awesome and they genuinely care about you. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to go through the program otherwise who knows where I’d be. Such an encouraging place. Big thanks to Road To Recovery!!! 10/10 would recommend.”

-Harley R.

“I could not be happier or more amazed of a place. What they offer is beyond what i expected. I never thought i would get sober after being in and out of treatment for years. Not only do they do things right but they care. They give you more than one option to help you get sober and make you knowledgeable of each. If you truly wanna get sober and make a difference this is the place.”

-Talia B

“This place is the reason my life is manageable and The happiest I’ve ever been In my entire life. 8 months I had no where to turn. It felt like the world was falling in on me. But when I called they Answered and got me down here the next night. Since then I’ve been clean and sober and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful or this facility and the owners.”

-Brandon F

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24/7 Help Hotline
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