A Journey of Healing in Resort

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From Addiction to Sobriety:
A Journey of Healing in Resort

I’ve been in and out of detoxes, rehabs, psyche wards, Fath based programs, and jail. Road to recovery wellness center has by far been one of the best. If you or a loved one needs help with metal health or addiction, call them!

Paul K, February 2022 – Read on Google Reviews

Amazing things can happen, if you Believe💫 I am thankful for my time and experience at Road. The staff felt like Family, with ups and downs on the bumpy road to sobriety. Life continues, and I have a Tool Box that Road To Recovery helped me stock, I feel blessed❣ Thanks Scarlett for always being there 🤗 Much Love to Adam & Corrisa for bringing the Light 💚🌟

M BSmith, April 2022 – Read on Google Reviews

Road to Recovery was literally a lifesaver for me. They helped me truly transition myself into a productive life style. The staff honestly care about your well being & want to help you on a deeper level than most other places. They are also open to different paths to recovery instead of just preaching that there is only one way to get & stay sober. There is no way I would ever be able to thank the people at this facility enough. I am truly forever grateful for this place.

Aleasha Bowling, January 2020 – Read on Google Reviews

I have had the opportunity to see several treatment facilities and how they operate, and honestly, I was getting frustrated with the system and convinced it may not be for me. That is until I came to RTRWC. Finally a program that can think outside the box, offer truly individualized care with various alternative treatments, while maintaining the highest standard of care and ethical standards. …

Taly Kadoch, January 2021 – Read on Google Reviews

I have nothing but high hopes for road, and the impacts a its having on the recovery community. With top of the line therapist and an a outgoing stuff. They where able to help me understand my addiction in depth. build coping skills, and some how manage to keep a slime on my face while they did it. If you want a felicity to push you to your goal of a better life road would definitely be on the top of my list.

Nicholas Mendala, February 2020 – Read on Google Reviews

Where to begin with Road to Recovery.. I came out of a residential program in October 2019, loaded on psychological medicine ( about 8 different different pills, 3 times a day ) broken with no options left, burned most of all bridges, and I knew going back home was no longer an option. ( I am considered a poly-substance addict since 14 years old I am now 28 ) With one call, I was on my way to Ft. Lauderdale for a new way of life. …

Michael Hebert, February 2020 – Read on Google Reviews

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